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Apart from being a homemaker, shopkeeper, employee, CEO, minister, worker, and what not, we all are also a ‘consumer.’ Whether it is a small household or a big corporate giant, a lot of non-renewable energy is utilized each day. We do pay for it through money but is it all that we are paying? Our unprecedented utilization of resources have surely made us pay a lot more than just money – we are also paying by sacrificing nature. So what’s the way out of this problem? Surely, there are ways to reduce our usage of non-renewable resources but all this boils down to how much you are willing to do it. As a corporate, there’s a lot that you can do to contribute to this initiative and affect many lives around you. Many big corporate giants are already on it. For instance, Apple’s recent headquarters is fueled by 100% renewable energy. Anything small or big in going green initiative goes a long way and makes a profound impact. If you are someone who is looking for a new office, now is the right time to join this initiative and opt for a green leasing. It is where you find ways in which you can run your office in a more energy efficient manner. Here we bring you some tips on how you can do that. If you are looking at Office for Rent in Singapore, then you can find great solutions at CBD Office Rental. 1. Save electricity wherever you can One of the top expenditures for offices is energy utilization after labor and rent. And going green can help cut a lot of cost on energy spending. Here’s how you can go about: Don’t put your computers and laptops on sleep unnecessarily. Whenever possible, shut them down completely as computers still utilize energy in sleep mode. Generally, lights in toilets, restroom, storeroom etc. are always on throughout the day. You can avoid doing this and only switch on lights whenever necessary. Start using LED lights as they are more energy efficient. Don’t keep devices like printers, shredding machines etc. plugged in when not in use. 2. Be careful with that print command Office places are known to use a lot of paper. One way to reduce your paper usage is by making sure you only print the necessary documents. One of the advantages of the internet is that now many important conversations, agreements, consents, memos, and another kind of paperwork can be done online through emails, video conferences etc. So print only when you know it’s absolutely necessary and no other alternative can work. Also, while printing, make sure you utilize both sides of the paper. 3.Recycle This is one of the most important aspects of going green initiative. There are various ways by which you can introduce recycling in an office place. Start by introducing different bins for different kinds of waste. If your office ends up with a lot of paperwork, then you contract paper shredding services. Such services make sure that they shred your papers and then recycle them. You should also not dump broken electronics but find ways to recycle them. 4. While looking for a new office, opt for a space that allows a good amount of natural light This is one of the great ways to reduce electricity usage. During day hours, you can utilize natural light. It also helps your employees feel fresh and active, as they do get a feeling of being closed in a box for 9 hours. You can also find a place, which is surrounded by greenery or has a terrace garden. You can buy office plants as well that helps reduce CO2 emission. 5.Promote Go Green initiative in your office An office is a great place where you can affect many lives for good. If you will encourage your employees to adopt careful usage of non-renewable resources, it can act as a chain reaction and they can further promote the initiative among the people they interact on daily basis. You can conduct exercises, games, campaigns regarding going green. You can encourage your employees to opt for carpool services while commuting to the office. Right now, the world needs more hands and names in this go green initiative so that it does not remain an initiative anymore and becomes a way of living and functioning. The corporate sector is one of the biggest things on the earth and the whole society looks up to it. What your company does can affect a lot of lives. So make sure your impact is always positive and ‘green.’ If you are looking for an office to rent in Singapore, then experts at CBD Office Rental can help you find offices in prime locations that are energy efficient and surrounded by greenery. Find solutions that meet your budget and business requirement.